Photograph of the west coast Scarista beach, Isle of Harris. Early morning.


Welcome to the website of Stefan D M Davies,
Photographic Artist.

I had the good fortune to be brought up on this beautiful Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides 1, Scotland, and now live and work here, specialising in landscape and wildflower photography. The ever changing weather and thus the quality and pattern of light on land and water are my inspiration. Here at the outer margins of the British Isles, land and water, light and darkness, sun, wind and rain have that elemental quality, an extremity to match their location. I try to express this in my photography.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy looking around the site.

Notes: 1 The Outer Hebrides are known locally in Gaelic as Eilean Siar or Western Isles, in English

Image: Dawn over the Little Minch, the expanse of water that seperates 
                  mainland scotland and the Isle of Skye from the Isle of Harris. Image: Approach to the summit of The 
                   Clisham (An Clisham) the highest mountain on Harris
                   and indeed the Hebrides. Winter sunset over a snow covered landscape. Image: Luskentyre Beach, Isle of Harris, Western Isles, looking across to the North Harris Hills, 
                       late afternoon winter sunshine. Reflections of blue sky and white cloud in 
                       the calm sea, low tide at point of turning. Image: From the top of Roineabhal, the highest hill in south Harris 
                         looking towards Leverburgh. Image: Stretch of calm blue seawater, between 
                       the main Isle of Harris and offshore island, clean shell sand seabed, kelp and other seaweed 
                       visible near the rocky shore.